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About us

Quantumpolychemics is the result of over a decade of searching, understanding a problem, and striving for a solution. The Quantumpolychemics team has developed unique IP, in partnership with the world’s leading research scientists, and partnered with Germany’s elite process and commercialization specialists, to develop a product and company that has an entirely new and unique solution to plastic pollution.


Quantum Polychemics natural product jute biopolymer platform creates a wide range of polymers with tunable properties and practical applications to meet the growing demand for sustainable plastics. The platform invention provides the design of synthetic strategies for the development of polymer materials that originate from renewable resources, exhibit novel combinations of strength and toughness, as well as undergo hydrolytic breakdown to biologically beneficial by-products.

The innovation presents a specific application of the inventor’s green jute biopolymer platform to develop environmentally-friendly jute biopolymer materials through scalable synthesis processes. The materials are an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based jute based bioplastics, such as those used in packaging, automotive interior, and exterior molding, medical equipment, and construction sectors.


Green Materials
Can be produced from renewable feedstocks; materials are degradable to release natural products.
Exhibit a wide range of tunable mechanical, physical, and thermal properties for multiple types of applications.
Compatible with existing production infrastructures

Our technology stands alone as a renewable and fully biodegradable earth-friendly plastic substitute, that can be tuned to hundreds of short and long-term applications at a competitive price point.



One significant strength of the technology is its inherent versatility as it is truly more of a platform than a single polymer system.It can be thought of as a “plug-and-play” system where various modified natural product monomers and various thiol co-monomers can be used.In addition to the co-monomers, various solvents and additives can be used to modify the properties of the final polymer network.This allows for the formation of a variety of final products that can vary from hard and stiff materials to soft, which can be directly applied to current plant machinery with low capital cost.


Frontiers in Bio-polymer excellence

Company vision

Quantum Polychemics Biotechnology  produces all-natural non-toxic organic biopolymer. It was formed with UN SDG 9 and 14 with the mission of eradicating plastic pollution and paving the way for circular economic movement. Our diverse of experienced individuals from Atomic Energy Commission, RBC, Amgen a leading biopharma company is working round the clock to make this a catalyst for the bio-based economy as frontiers in Bio-polymer excellence.


Our biological processes convert food waste destined for landfill into valuable materials. We’re on a mission to drive our world towards a circular economy, where major brands utilize eco-friendly Bio-plastics in packaging, food services, agriculture, textiles, and many other areas to reduce the 18 billion pounds of plastic polluting our oceans every year. Leverage our technology and team to benefit the planet and your bottom line.

Quantum Polychemics potential

projection to curb approximately

1545.3 billion

tonnes of plastic through our products


Billion plastic straws


Billion plastic bags


Billion plastic bottles


Billion plastic cutlery


Billion plastic cups

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